"Illustrated throughout with colour photographs and original artworks, When Animals Sing and Spirits Dance is a lively interpretation of the great dance, told very much in the voice of the Chewa themselves."

Published by Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art, Mua Mission 2012





Welcome - Takulandirani

This website accompanies the publication of Claude Boucher Chisale’s account of his forty years encounter with Gule Wamkulu, the Great Dance of the Chewa people of Malawi: When Animals Sing and Spirits Dance.

It is named in honour of Kasiya Maliro, the antelope figure who is the Great Mother of Gule Wamkulu. She is pictured below.

Here you will find information on the book and its author, together with supplementary material, which includes descriptions of over two hundred Gule characters that were not selected for the book and video clips of Gule in action from the accompanying DVD.

Gule Wamkulu is a living tradition for the Chewa, so it may be expected that this website will develop over time.